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Common Questions

What kind of fish are in Hilton Head?

In Hilton Head, you can expect to reel in a diverse array of fish species. From the iconic redfish and speckled trout to the spirited flounder and hard-fighting tarpon, the waters surrounding Hilton Head teem with excitement. With Aqua Excursions and Captain Kurt at the helm, you'll have expert guidance to navigate these abundant fishing grounds and discover the thrilling variety of marine life that calls Hilton Head home.

What sharks are around Hilton Head?

Around Hilton Head, you may encounter various shark species, including blacktip sharks, bonnethead sharks, and Atlantic sharpnose sharks, among others. With Aqua Excursions and the expertise of Captain Kurt, you'll have the opportunity to safely observe and possibly even catch these fascinating predators while enjoying an unforgettable fishing experience.

What fish is fresh in Hilton Head?

Fresh catches in Hilton Head vary depending on the season, but some commonly available options include redfish, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, and Spanish mackerel. With Aqua Excursions and Captain Kurt guiding your fishing adventure, you'll have the best chance of landing these delicious and locally prized fish, ensuring a memorable dining experience on the shores of Hilton Head.

Aqua Excursions targets the top Hilton Head Island species including Black drum, Flounder, Redfish, Blacktip shark, Bonnethead shark, Tiger shark, Sheepshead, Sea trout. We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean Hilton Head Island.