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Fishing Charters on Hilton Head Island | 4 Hour Backcountry-Afternoon

Fishing Charters on Hilton Head Island | 4 Hour Backcountry-Afternoon

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Hilton Head Fishing with Aqua Excursions

Best Inshore Fishing on Hilton Head Island

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Captain Kurt Jeter

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Experience the ultimate fishing adventure with Aqua Excursions Hilton Head, led by the seasoned Captain Kurt Jeter. Specializing in a variety of fishing excursions, Aqua Excursions offers unparalleled inshore fishing, nearshore fishing (when conditions allow), flats fishing, backcountry fishing, and bottom fishing experiences. Whether you're an avid angler or a beginner, our charters cater to all skill levels, ensuring a memorable day on the waters of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Trust Captain Kurt Jeter to guide you through the best fishing spots, delivering an authentic and thrilling fishing charter in Hilton Head, SC.

Stay updated with the latest Hilton Head fishing report and plan your trip with Aqua Excursions for a chance to catch an array of prized fish species. From spinning for speckled trout and redfish to targeting black drum, flounder, and jack crevalle, our charters promise diverse fishing opportunities. Explore the rich marine life of Hilton Head Island, including the thrilling pursuit of black seabass, blacktip shark, bonnethead shark, sheepshead, and Spanish mackerel. Captain Kurt Jeter's expertise and local knowledge guarantee a productive and enjoyable fishing experience, making Aqua Excursions the top choice for fishing in Hilton Head, SC.

Located in the scenic Hilton Head Island, Aqua Excursions not only offers exceptional fishing charters but also provides a comprehensive guide to the region’s best fishing spots. Our commitment to delivering the best fishing charter in Hilton Head, SC, is matched by our dedication to customer satisfaction. Join us for an unforgettable fishing journey, where the beauty of Hilton Head Island and the thrill of the catch come together to create lasting memories. Book your adventure with Aqua Excursions and Captain Kurt Jeter today for the ultimate fishing experience on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

See the map below for exact guest meeting locations. We meet our guests at CC Haigh Jr. Landing, conveniently located near all the resorts.

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Inshore Fishing on Hilton Head Island

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Aqua Excursions' Location on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island, located in the picturesque Lowcountry region of South Carolina, is a renowned destination for fishing enthusiasts and vacationers alike. Known for its rich fishing heritage and diverse marine life, Hilton Head offers an array of fishing experiences that cater to both novice anglers and seasoned pros. The island’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish species, making it a prime location for inshore fishing, nearshore fishing (when conditions allow), flats fishing, backcountry fishing, and bottom fishing. Visitors can expect to catch redfish, speckled trout, black drum, flounder, jack crevalle, and even larger catches like blacktip sharks and bonnethead sharks.

Fishing in Hilton Head Island is more than just a pastime; it's a tradition that dates back generations. The island's fishing history is deeply intertwined with its culture, and local fishing charters, like those offered by Aqua Excursions, provide a gateway to this rich heritage. Expert guides such as Captain Kurt Jeter offer personalized fishing charters, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the waters of Hilton Head. Whether you're casting a line in the inshore waters or venturing further out for nearshore fishing, Hilton Head promises a thrilling and rewarding fishing adventure. The island’s fishing reports are a testament to its bountiful waters, regularly highlighting impressive catches of seabass, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, and more.

Beyond its exceptional fishing opportunities, Hilton Head Island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The island boasts pristine beaches, world-class golf courses, and extensive biking trails. Visitors can explore the rich history and natural beauty of the region at places like the Coastal Discovery Museum and the Harbour Town Lighthouse. For those seeking a more leisurely experience, the island’s charming shops, restaurants, and cultural events provide plenty of entertainment. Whether you're here for the fishing or the myriad of other activities, Hilton Head Island offers something for everyone, making it a perfect destination for your next getaway.

Aqua Excursions fishes the inshore waters of Hilton Head Island. See the map for exact locations. We meet our guests at CC Haigh Jr. Landing.

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